Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Land Rover Repair Manual CD review.

Land Rover Workshop Repair Manual CD
This is a complete workshop manuals CD All Wiring Diagrams are Included With This Awesome CD-ROM . This CD Carries The Complete set of the real shop manual used by the Land Rover Certified Technicians. This CD holds all the diagrams and is completely search able.. plus all the diagrams are (PRINTABLE) for your vehicle This is the real Workshop Repair Manual CD-ROM for all Windows based Computers_. Its clear and every user friendly.. you can also Print ANY DIAGRAM on your computer, & zoom in on any Diagram needed. I 've just been wondering how useful this can be. On the one hand I prefer have something in paper in front of me. But the a CD can carry lots of information. Thosands of pages, if printed out. With the CD you can decide what you are going to print once you need to.