Tuesday, September 6, 2011

After Steve Jobs: Apple now Playful his strengths?

Apple under Steve Jobs had strengths such as vision, innovation and uncompromising. Can they be obtained?
Great personalities leave large gaps. Apple had ever close the gap filled by then Steve Jobs' genius and driving force. That was in 1985, as Jobs was pushed by then-CEO John Sculley left the company just a year after the launch of the first Macintosh. From the same John Sculley, the jobs themselves two years earlier by Pepsi had lured away with the words: "Do you want the rest of your life selling sugared water or change the world with me?"

The former is leaving Apple does not get well. Under the leadership of Sculley and his successors to Apple is a profit-driven, marketing-driven, artificially cool and very "normal" company has become, with similar products for sale. Twelve years later, she was nearly broke and had to go through the return of the "interim CEO" (iCEO) Steve Jobs will be saved. Without Jobs, Apple had lost the three properties that had once been so strong: its vision, its capacity for innovation and its unwillingness to compromise. Apple is now threatening the same fate?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Comparison calculator for car insurance

Auto Insurance Compare and save money
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It is September, the month in which to start the phase change of car repair insurance. For millions of motorists now arises again the question of whether they switch to a new motor vehicle liability insurance or an additional 12 months remain in the existing car insurance. A good decision support is a comparison calculator for car insurance, which allows you to compare different car insurance and save money also favorable results.