Monday, July 30, 2012

Car Crafters Bible now online and free

Six million copies have the book series "How to do it" sells. Now they exist in the network

Let us therefore, to read: "journal of the tensioner spring into the holes of the clamping spring clamp terminal used to use this spring and spring clip used in the first notch on the exhaust manifold..." This prose is music to the ears of many car hobbyists, the quote is from a tape of the famous series "How to do it." What it is, plays no role, because in all 152 volumes, which emerged since 1974, there is the same sound: sober and technically correct information about maintenance and repair work on a specific type of car.

Overall, the repair manuals for hobbyists previously sold more than six million copies and now you can read several older books online - free: Under  all volumes are clickable, and those who are out of stock in trade, are used to follow for Page selection. With the newer books, there are excerpts from seven pages in length or equal to a link on the shopping cart. Available online include the "How to do it" books for the first two golf generations, the W123, the Mercedes E-Class from the late 70s and early 80s, which at the same old BMW 5 Series, to various old Japanese and a number of other models.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

After Steve Jobs: Apple now Playful his strengths?

Apple under Steve Jobs had strengths such as vision, innovation and uncompromising. Can they be obtained?
Great personalities leave large gaps. Apple had ever close the gap filled by then Steve Jobs' genius and driving force. That was in 1985, as Jobs was pushed by then-CEO John Sculley left the company just a year after the launch of the first Macintosh. From the same John Sculley, the jobs themselves two years earlier by Pepsi had lured away with the words: "Do you want the rest of your life selling sugared water or change the world with me?"

The former is leaving Apple does not get well. Under the leadership of Sculley and his successors to Apple is a profit-driven, marketing-driven, artificially cool and very "normal" company has become, with similar products for sale. Twelve years later, she was nearly broke and had to go through the return of the "interim CEO" (iCEO) Steve Jobs will be saved. Without Jobs, Apple had lost the three properties that had once been so strong: its vision, its capacity for innovation and its unwillingness to compromise. Apple is now threatening the same fate?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Comparison calculator for car insurance

Auto Insurance Compare and save money
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It is September, the month in which to start the phase change of car repair insurance. For millions of motorists now arises again the question of whether they switch to a new motor vehicle liability insurance or an additional 12 months remain in the existing car insurance. A good decision support is a comparison calculator for car insurance, which allows you to compare different car insurance and save money also favorable results.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Book Review: Service manual Suzuki Gladius

Nearly a decade of warming himself Suzuki SV 650 in the sunshine of success - until model year 2009, took SFV 650 Gladius as a successor. It was a fascinating concept based on the V2 get lively - as it was the Gladius, experienced bikers to make fun without the beginners to very overwhelming. The ABS did soon introduced here Others: the whole purpose of, need intermittent brake 'today, especially in the case of a middle-class motorcycle to be lost no more words - it has become established right across the board. However, had the Gladius ("gladius" (Latin) = the sword) its first steps to be done without ABS - and because it took too many bad ...

Let the brake - and we would rather talk about the smart V2 engine, the Gladius, which is dual overhead camshafts, water cooling, four valves per cylinder, fuel injection, regulated catalytic converter to the amount of time on the road. Regardless of whether one shoots with open beginner-friendly 72 hp or 34 hp through the country: here and there, the Gladius shines with sporty talents for all days.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The business card of the company

Herbert Herzke about the meaning and usage of manuals - Qualified technical writers are in demand

Question: Mr. Herzke, you too have been desperately in an incomprehensible manual?

Herzke Herbert: Yes, that's also happened to me. That was such a guide that had a bad navigation. Or an Asian from the area, which was translated incomprehensible. If this happens again and again cheap. Incomprehensible sentences are to be read quite funny. If one is dependent on clear information, then you can already despair. For German companies can, however, say that the quality has improved significantly in recent years.
I sometimes get the impression that the instructions the last thing that interests the manufacturer.

Herzke: Very important is that the manufacturer makes clear: The manual is an important part of the product. It must be considered in the planning process from the outset. And not only when a product is about to launch.
Now the crisis has cost pressures determined at the premises not abated. Do you get to feel it?

Herzke: Yes. We have a large market of service providers for technical communication. They get to feel the fact that most customers like the big business due to longer payment terms or press repeatedly renegotiating the costs. Industrial companies also employ their own staff who care for the creation of utility and instructions. Until recently some large companies had reduced working hours. But not in the Technical Communication. A manufacturer such as SKF has indeed create product catalogs anyway, because he can sell nothing else. And to take care of most such catalogs, technical editors. However: Go for some employees from manufacturers of technical communication to retirement, are then more and more service provider on. In short, the work has not decreased and the development cycles are getting shorter.
How is a good instruction manual - the technical editor for the new radio, the new PC, tried out the new software? He also builds a shelf times together?

Herzke: First, it should be a qualified technical writer. What is often a problem yet, because many are beginners page. Which had a technical job, but many lack a specific skill. We still have far too few who have completed an appropriate course of study or training. Our association has therefore developed the tekom certificate. But back to the question: you must actually try. The editor must understand a new product itself, it may not be written in the technical language, but in a language appropriate to the target group. When I write a maintenance or repair manual, I can write other than for the normal user. Since then I have to work much more with pictures and simple sentences. And: Finally, one should make a test of whether the manual work. Maybe even with a test person.
You have to be obviously a lot of know-how?

Herzke: The facets of technical communication - let's take the industrial spectrum Schweinfurt for example - are manifold. For many jobs would be too much detailed but more of a hindrance. For others, however, things must have a good technical background may be present.
What roles do different international laws and standards?

Herzke: there too, must know a technical writer. It put two markets, the trends are: the USA and Europe. The European market has grown. Often, our laws applied in the rest of the world rather than the American. But there are private arrangements between the companies, which are quality and extent of technical documentation regulated.
What about with cultural differences?

Herzke: Images and text can not always translate to one to one. There is so much flowery language, as in the Far East. To ensure that our technology is understood abroad, must be translated instructions carefully and adapted to cultural requirements.
Many people read any instructions. Also includes the creative incentive to good order?

Herzke: Yes, we need visual incentives. Previously you could get the impression that it was dealing with two different machines, if you compared the advertising brochure with the instructions. The latter gray and uninviting. But there are also different types of users. For the taxonomist, I must provide a clear structure. Others have a kind of playfulness and access only to the guide if they do not get ahead.
If you look at your work, it finds itself very quickly in the field of epistemology: how people learn, what they perceive?

Herzke: Technical Communication is a cross section of many sciences. How do people absorb information best, or why we do not like to read instructions are important questions. Of course you should know how information is processed. All these points are addressed in the training of technical editors. And we must never lose sight of, for whom one writes.
Tekom - Society for Technical Communication

Herzke Herbert is Deputy Chairman of the tekom - Society for Technical Communication, with 6900 members of Europe's largest trade association for technical communication. It represents the profession to create the technical editor, so the employees in industry and service providers that use and operating instructions manuals, service portals or online help. One of the main tasks of the tekom lies in continuing education. It should be international laws and regulations are different, and not least cultural barriers. Who created as a manual for a machine that is shipped to the United States must be aware that they are unskilled operate there.

Monday, July 19, 2010

staunch talk manuals

Staunch talk is the new thing and we would be interested into finding out more about this. Conveniently we would like to provide staunch talk manuals to our readers. Do you know more about the subject? Please contact us.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

repair manual

Do you have a repair manual to offer and could you discuss this manual a bit? With some explanations, reviews and introductory remarks we could place the repair manual here. In case you can be of assistance, please make contact at repair manual.