Thursday, December 2, 2010

Book Review: Service manual Suzuki Gladius

Nearly a decade of warming himself Suzuki SV 650 in the sunshine of success - until model year 2009, took SFV 650 Gladius as a successor. It was a fascinating concept based on the V2 get lively - as it was the Gladius, experienced bikers to make fun without the beginners to very overwhelming. The ABS did soon introduced here Others: the whole purpose of, need intermittent brake 'today, especially in the case of a middle-class motorcycle to be lost no more words - it has become established right across the board. However, had the Gladius ("gladius" (Latin) = the sword) its first steps to be done without ABS - and because it took too many bad ...

Let the brake - and we would rather talk about the smart V2 engine, the Gladius, which is dual overhead camshafts, water cooling, four valves per cylinder, fuel injection, regulated catalytic converter to the amount of time on the road. Regardless of whether one shoots with open beginner-friendly 72 hp or 34 hp through the country: here and there, the Gladius shines with sporty talents for all days.