Monday, July 30, 2012

Car Crafters Bible now online and free

Six million copies have the book series "How to do it" sells. Now they exist in the network

Let us therefore, to read: "journal of the tensioner spring into the holes of the clamping spring clamp terminal used to use this spring and spring clip used in the first notch on the exhaust manifold..." This prose is music to the ears of many car hobbyists, the quote is from a tape of the famous series "How to do it." What it is, plays no role, because in all 152 volumes, which emerged since 1974, there is the same sound: sober and technically correct information about maintenance and repair work on a specific type of car.

Overall, the repair manuals for hobbyists previously sold more than six million copies and now you can read several older books online - free: Under  all volumes are clickable, and those who are out of stock in trade, are used to follow for Page selection. With the newer books, there are excerpts from seven pages in length or equal to a link on the shopping cart. Available online include the "How to do it" books for the first two golf generations, the W123, the Mercedes E-Class from the late 70s and early 80s, which at the same old BMW 5 Series, to various old Japanese and a number of other models.